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About Us

Jennifer WellsJennifer Kublbeck is the owner and founder of Functionality Therapy Services. She has been working in the field of occupational therapy since 1995 and is also the mother of three children. She brings her experience and support to the staff at Functionality Therapy Services.

Our staff consists of a great group of knowledgeable therapists (OT’s, COTA’s, PT’s and PTA’s ) who are constantly learning new ideas and techniques.

To assist others in developing to their fullest potential while feeling confident in their abilities.

Functionality Therapy Services offers exceptional occupational and physical therapy to individuals aged infant through adult. Therapy is offered privately in a home-based setting as well as contracted to public and private schools, early intervention programs and adult day programs. We have experience in many areas such as sensory processing, attentional issues, life skills, fine and gross motor skills, visual perceptual skills and handwriting. Evaluation, consultation, individual treatment and groups offered.

Please contact us for rates and additional information by phone or email.

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